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Designed by a German chemist, Peter J. Schlumbohm, the Chemex has been in use since 1941. The Chemex was inspired by laboratory equipment  like the Erlenmeyer flask.
Kalita is produced by the Japanese company Kalita Co., experts in coffee equipment manufacturing since the 1950´s. The V60 was launched 10 years ago by Hario, a company located in Tokyo.
Also known as a cafetière à piston, Cafeteria, press pot, coffee press, or coffee plunger, the french press is a coffee brewing device patented by the Italian designers Attilio Calimani  and Giulio Moneta in 1929.
The Belgian siphon is inspired by the LATE 1850’S design of a Parisian goldsmith for the Emperor of Austria. Considered one of the most stylish, inspiring and exclusive ways to brew coffee that has ever existed.
The origin of our coffee beans and our chocolate
We like to think that Specialty Coffee and Artisan Handmade Chocolate are a Perfect Pair and when combined provide a unique sensory experience for your palate.

The Perfect Pair’s coffee comes from nowhere else but locally, right here in Boquete from International Coffee Farms. Grown and produced on farms located in the Boquete highlands under the tutelage of Andres Lopez, a recognized and respected coffee expert who has crafted a career in every step of coffee production. International Coffee Farms is a unique company that has become well known in the community, a company that significantly contributes to the local economy and one that is socially sustainable and environmentally responsible. An incredible company that is producing an amazing coffee that you must taste.

Pairing chocolate with coffee is what The Perfect Pair is all about. Our chocolate is made with Fine Flavor Organic Cacao directly from the warm and tropical country of Belize where it’s produced by Peini Cacao Plantation, a sister company. Lead by Luis Armando Choco, our executive Chocolate Maker, The Perfect Pair is fully equipped to process cacao and prepare a variety of solid chocolate bars and exquisite truffles filled with different types of ganache such as coconut, peanut butter, raspberry, caramel and sea salt, Abuelo Rum and our special home creation: truffles filled with ristretto, a Perfect and harmonious Pair combining coffee and chocolate.

Come visit The Perfect Pair and enjoy a charming environment that will make you feel right at home. Perfect for spending a typical rainy afternoon accompanied by a flavorful cup of specialty coffee or hot chocolate, a delicately handcrafted chocolate truffle and a warm and professional team that will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

“Coffee is quality and special extraction systems such as chemex, v60 and french press are excellent. The artisan chocolates, delicious and variety of desserts. The place is beautiful with a good atmosphere to share with family or friends.”


We went here for the Valentines special. They had great coffee and amazing pralines. With raspberry, cherry, vanilla or simply chocolate. Free wifi, great service.

Pia B.

The espresso was perfect, like the blueberry truffles, and the ambiance! There are several great coffees here in coffee heaven. Perfect Pair is the newest, a very fine addition to Boquete’s coffee culture.

Stephen K.

Great decor, great coffee + chocolates. Fast WiFi. Friendly staff and Management. I really enjoy their Frappuccino.

Recently tried the Perfect Pair coffee house in Boquete, more of an upscale location, comforatable setting, offers Belize chocolate and pastries. Very friendly staff. Worth a try.

Great cappuccino, nice atmosphere and very friendly staff! It has 2 floors. Upstairs there are relaxing couches and a balcony with a view over the main street.
Eric S.

yes its true. Lurking behind every Snickers bar is a real chocolate lover. Count me in. This place is very nice, and the chocolate is better than Willie Wonka. Just Kidding.
Really I love it. Dark chocolate is my favorite, but I would eat anything in the store. LOL Yes, you want to go there.
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We also have

  • Specialty Roasted Coffee
  • Multiple brew systems
  • Freshly baked desserts
  • Free WiFi
  • Comfortable lounge
  • Souvenirs to take home
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+507-730-9215          Main Street | Downtown Boquete

The Perfect Pair

Main Street | Downtown Boquete,
Boquete 0413, Panamá
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